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The New 2022 Wagoneer: Comfort and Convenience

Posted at Fri, Nov 5, 2021 12:45 PM

After 30 years, the Wagoneer is back.

You’ve seen the classic Wagoneer, but it's now time for you to experience the new and improved 2022 Wagoneer, which will take premium SUVs into uncharted territories of style, comfort, and adventure.

The Wagoneer is something new for everyone, so come along with us in this three-part series, to learn more about it! In this first part, we will take a dive into the comfort and convenience that the Wagoneer will bring to you.

Screens, Screens, and More Screens!

Unlike anything you’ve seen in a domestic vehicle, the Wagoneer introduces a new passenger interactive display. 

On the dashboard, the front-seat passenger is able to change navigation or main controls and update the Uconnect 5 system of the main screen, connect to bluetooth, and even watch movies.

And don’t worry, the front-passenger screen is not visible to the driver. This way, the driver won’t be distracted by trying to change controls or watching a movie with the rest of the passengers. 

The screens continue to the back seats! The Wagoneer is bringing comfort to the back-seat passengers as well. An additional feature includes 10.1-inch Rear Entertainment Screens, equipped with Amazon Fire TV for Auto, and a Video USB Port.

Comfort In Your Back Seats

No more wishing you were riding shot-gun with the Wagoneer.

The Wagoneer has best-in-class second and third row legroom. Your passengers will be just as comfortable in the very back row as they would be sitting shot-gun. 

Even with the third row up, the Wagoneer allows for the most volume in the back, allowing you to have a full car of passengers and a full truck of luggage, perfect for long trips.

Hot or Cold: The Big Debate

No matter the weather, normally not everyone will be comfortable with the temperature in the car. But not anymore!

The Wagoneer is designed with both heated and ventilated front seats, as well as rear heated seats, giving overall comfort for all passengers.

Tri-zone climate control allows each of the front seats and second row to have custom temperature settings, ending the dispute as to if the car is too hot, or too cold.

Changing the Industry:

The new 2022 Wagoneer is bringing a new meaning to comfort and convenience in its market, reinventing our knowledge of greatness and luxury.

“You can’t even compare the Wagoneer to other SUVs in its class.” says our Sales Manager, Joe Handeland.

We may have sold you on the comfort and convenience of the Wagoneer, but come back later to check out the other two parts to this series, to learn more about the design and style, and its power and performance. 

In the meantime, check out our 2022 Wagoneer inventory, or schedule a hassle free test drive to experience the Wagoneer’s comfort for yourself.


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